SMART Receptionist

We provide completely customized multi layered IVR services catering to your exact requirements.

Now impress your callers and convey a big business image, avoiding the expense of a real receptionist. You can create the appearance of multiple departments and project a professional business image.

Move Office but not Phone- Phone Number for Life

Your business is growing; you want to move to a bigger office but are worried about customers calling old number. Your Virtual IVR number will go where your office is. No Hardware – No Software – As Easy as your Email.

  • Project a Larger Company Image
  • Get Calls When Not in Office
  • Never Lose a Business Lead
  • Move Office but not Phone
  • List of all the people who called you.
  • Get Complete Control
  • Never Busy, available 24x7.
  • No setup cost or hardware

Automatically answers your phone, Route your calls, Save the details and MUCH MORE...No hardware or software is required at your end! We provide completely customized multi layered IVR services catering to your exact requirements.

You get a Local Number of your choice

We can offer you local numbers of your choice. Increase your credibility and reputation with a local number to offer to your customers.

Incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile or landline numbers.

Incoming calls will be forwarded to any number that you desire. You can forward calls to the fixed land line numbers or to mobile numbers as you desire.

If one number is busy, the next programmed number is called.

Your business phone will never be busy to your customers. We manage multiple number call forwarding, so even if some of your numbers are busy at the backend, your call will get transferred to the next programmed number.

Never Busy, Voice Mail option if your phone is not reachable.

In case all lines are busy, your customers are presented with a voice mail option. They can leave their message that you can view later and follow up with them.

Incoming calls are greeted by a professionally recorded welcome message.

IVRs are recorded by professional voice artists. Your customers hear a real human voice and no some machine generated voice.